So You’re Curious About IV Vitamin Infusions?

IV drip therapy in trinity

So your curious about IV infusions

Are IV infusions new or is it the latest trend?

No…🎉 Surprise, they were introduced in the early 1800’s by doctor Myers.

IV therapy is also known as iv drip, vitamin cocktail, iv vitamins, Myers’ cocktail, hydration therapy and intravenous infusions. They are not only used in life-saving protocols at the hospital, but also as a preventative.

Plus, they help to boost your immunity from things such as Covid-19. Most importantly, iv therapy is highly effective in helping several conditions and diseases. These essential vitamins and minerals can help in preventing us from going to the dreaded hospital in the first place. 

IV therapy that we see in hospitals….

in the hospitals, have been around since the 1830’s. A doctor during those times had a brilliant idea. By directly add salty water into a patient’s bloodstream he could treat conditions.

These highly progressive and controversial procedures were hypothesized to help the body fight Cholera. Thomas Latta was the doctor and he was not only smart but absolutely correct. The new treatment had a measurable impact on fighting cholera, which soon subsided.

traveling doctor from 1800's
old news paper with treatments for cholera

The origin of the IV infusion…

can be traced first with the use of blood transfusions. Today, IV’s are used in many different scopes of practice including IV therapy. They provide an efficient way to hydrate and get people essential nutrients they needed quickly. How does IV therapy come into the picture today? First, let’s go back to the 1960’s when Dr. John Myers and had a huge following of patients. His progressive treatments were making a huge difference in people’s lives.

Dr. Myers developed a cocktail….

of vitamins that he would add directly into their veins. He administered these iv infusions to provide relief from conditions such as asthma, respiratory infections, allergies, cardiovascular disorders, and more.

The IV packed full of vitamins and minerals….

had such a positive result. When doctor Myers died, the patients searched for doctors that could continue to administer regular treatments.

Unfortunately, Dr. Myers kept his IV vitamin cocktail ingredients under lock and key. Just like the Colonel Sanders and his secret fried chicken spices held in a safe.

Yes, I went there! I brought the Colonel into this wellness discussion!

Getting back on topic…. The doctors that filled his shoes had an idea of which vitamins and minerals that Myers included in the IV therapies. However, they didn’t know the exact recipe and amounts of vitamins and minerals. The doctors experimented with different recipes to develop their own unique iv infusion. These progressive doctors went on to developed the ultimate Myers cocktail we use today.

The same Myers cocktail is available today.

The Myers cocktail provides essential vitamins and minerals to people who need it the most. The Myers can also hydrate people that badly need fluids fast. Today, we get to experience the Myers cocktail that is named after the most notorious vitamin infusion man himself. IV infusions have beneficial vitamins and minerals that help people who are suffering from deficiencies and diseases.

So… lucky for us, the Myers cocktail legacy lives on.

The Godfather of all IV infusions lives on so that we can receive essential nutrients in all their glory.

Yes, I went there too! 

Invigorate Wellness IV Vitamin Infusions Immune Boost oranges

Back to the important stuff!


Usually included in most Myers cocktail is, B-vitamins, B12, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and glutathione.


B-1 vitamin

plays a vital role in the body’s metabolism converting nutrients into energy and is vital to the regular mechanisms of the nervous system, heart & muscles. It helps reestablish deficiencies caused by alcoholism, infection & can reduce depression & fatigue.


is essential to neurological strength and decreases levels of homocysteine which is imperative for the cardiovascular system. Vital for individuals that have had portions of gastrointestinal tract removed for weight loss purposes. B -12 can also increase energy and memory function in some people.

Vitamin C

is one of the single most vital vitamins in our bodies. It’s important for the making of collagen and necessary for tissue restoration. Vitamin C boost the immune system as it helps us from getting colds, viruses and the flu. This is one vitamin that Invigorate Wellness believes in adding plenty of in our bags to boost your immune system.  


plays a huge role in many our bodies’ basic function and is required for strong bones and healthy teeth.  It is also very important in both skeletal muscle and cardiovascular function. If you don’t get enough calcium, your body will take it from your bones. A lack of Calcium can lead to health issues such as fragile and porous bones. If you are lactose intolerant or vegan, odds are you’re not getting adequate Calcium.


plays an active role in over 600 biochemical reactions in the body including energy creation, muscle relaxation, nerve signal conduction, regulates metabolism of proteins repair DNA and RNA. Magnesium helps with depression, boost exercise performance, lower blood pressure, prevent migraines and improve PMS systems.

A beneficial ingredient that can be included in a Myers iv therapy is glutathione, which acts as an antioxidant in our bodies. Glutathione helps detox the body of all the nasty stuff out in our environment like pollution. It also can improve your skin and make your hair and nails stronger. Sign me up for more please!!!!

With all these great benefits of a Myers cocktail, go ahead and treat yourself to this amazing healthy iv therapy.