testosterone therapy

Age is inevitable and a natural process. Your body produces less testosterone as you age. Starting in your early 30’s, your testosterone levels decline 1 to 2 percent each year, leading to low libido, energy and strength. By restoring your testosterone and slowing down the aging process, you can feel youthful again.

Testosterone replacement therapy for men

What is hormone therapy?

As men age, symptoms become evident. You may have less energy or lose strength. You may gain abdominal weight. You may experience erectile dysfunction or softer erections, difficulty sleeping and even depression. These are normal symptoms with aging due to hormone changes. Supplementing the body with testosterone may reduce or even eliminate these symptoms, restoring your well-being and defying aging.

What are the Key benefits to testosterone therapy?

Men who participate in testosterone replacement therapy see significant improvements in their symptoms by reversing time and feeling youthful again. Each plan is customized specifically to your needs to restore or enhance your libido, energy, mood, and cardiovascular health.

INVIGORATE WELLNESS Medical Hormone treatment 

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