Testosterone replacement Therapy

Invigorate Wellness Medical provides low T therapy and testosterone replacement therapy for men in Tampa and Trinity. There are a variety of reasons including age, environment toxins and sedentary lifestyles. Men produce less starting in their early 30’s. Testosterone levels in men decline 1 to 2 percent each year. As a result, weight gain, muscle loss, low libido, energy, and strength. Testosterone therapy and treatment can restore your levels and start to slow down the aging process so you can feel youthful again.


Hormone replacement therapy in Tampa


benefits OF Male testosterone Replacement therapy (TRT)

The men who participate in testosterone replacement therapy see significant improvements in their symptoms by reversing time and feeling youthful again. Each TRT plan will be customized to your specific needs to restore or enhance your libido, mood, energy, and cardiovascular health.

Man on testosterone replacement therapy

What is testosterone Replacment therapy?

As men age, many unwanted symptoms start to manifest. You may have less energy, lose strength and gain abdominal weight. Some may experience erectile dysfunction or softer erections, difficulty sleeping and even depression. These are normal symptoms of aging due to hormone changes that take place. When you supplement your body with testosterone it can lessen or even eliminate these symptoms, and restore your well-being.

How is testosterone therapy administered?

At Invigorate Wellness Medical of Trinity, we teach our clients how to properly administer their testosterone injections via subcutaneous or intramuscular. Typical injection sites are the gluteal, shoulder or leg.

Testosterone Therapy Package

This is a monthly service. Testosterone replacement therapy increases sex drive, protects against disease, increases muscle mass and strength, maintains bone health, sharpens the mind, and improves mood to name a few benefits.
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Testosterone Replacement For Men

Step 1: Initial visit $260 which includes consultation, comprehensive labs, first month of medication and all the supplies needed.Step 2: Choose from any add on items below. 

Monthly Testosterone Package

Monthly Package:

Includes: Consultation, Labs, Testosterone replacement and all the supplies needed, delivered to your door.$160 monthly membership

A La Carte


HCG 1 vial supply delivered straight to your door with all supplies needed.


Tadalafil: This is included in a monthly TRT membership and called in to the pharmacy of your choice. *Patients are financially responsible for Tadalafil. We encourage using GoodRX to receive the best pricing.


B12 $150/Vial10-week supply delivered straight to your door with all supplies needed.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D $150 a vial.

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We have partnered up with Vein Shark to offer certified phlebotomists that will come to your location, and provide mobile lab services. *TRT clients only 

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Invigorate Wellness Medical FOR testosterone therapy

For most, testosterone replacement therapy should be considered in your early thirties. As your body starts to decline in testosterone production you may experience symptoms of weight gain, insomnia, fatigue, depression, low libido and more. Avoid these and let us help create a custom TRT program today. Contact us at Invigorate Wellness Medical in Trinity to schedule your appointment.