THERAPY in Redington beach

We are board certified providers located in Florida. Our specialties are concierge mobile medical services, peptide therapymedical weight loss, Semaglutide, erectile dysfunction treatment, testosterone therapymen’s sexual wellness and growth hormone optimization.

IV INFUSION THERAPY in Redington beach

We’ve developed some of the best cocktails of vitamins and electrolytes to serve a wide array of needs. If you’re looking to rehydrate, recover, or rejuvenate, Invigorate Wellness Medical of Redington Beach has an IV vitamin therapy that will help you feel and perform better. We also offer various add-ons to help customize your treatment to your specific goals.

Immune Boost iv infusion therapy with vitamin c fruit in water

How IV Infusions Can Help You?

With a selection of signature IV therapies available, Redington Beach IV’s is the perfect place to escape the heat of the beach and take a moment to relax and hydrate. Our IV drips have been specially formulated to help relieve the symptoms of a range of ailments including colds, flu, and of course hangovers. Plus, it can help with:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Arthritis
  • Pain relief
  • Improved Mood
Semaglutide weight loss results of 20lbs before and after pictures

How Medical Weight Loss Can Help You?

Our Florida providers use an advanced medical weight loss approach, with consideration of your body’s specific needs. Looking for Wegovy? We have the generic version of Wegovy called Semaglutide. We can help you reach your weight loss goals with a custom plan designed for you. We are proud to offer Telemedicine for your privacy and convenience. Now through the use of your phone, tablet or computer, you are able to connect remotely with one of our providers. Contact us today to start feeling like a healthier version of you.

Wellness Therapy In Redington Beach

At Invigorate Wellness Medical, our programs are designed to address all areas related to your disease, the origination of that disease, your nutritional status and mental health. Because each person is unique, the therapy will be specifically tailored for you. We listen to your unique needs and build a treatment plan to address your health concerns and support your lifestyle.